What the heck is a Wilderburb and how do we save it?

Wilderburb in this book is defined as the North Shore and the Inlet and those parts of Vancouver where you will find wildlife like beavers, otters, great blue herons, bears and eagles sharing space comfortably with the human beings who live there as well. It’s paradise. The reference to “saving” this magical habitat is in connection with a mad scheme to allow over 400 oil tankers to intrude on the scene and ship filthy toxic bitumen right through the heart of the would-be “greenest city in the world.” (click on the URL below)


Michael McCarthy takes a stand against fossil fuels outside local MP office

Liberal Member of Parliament for North Vancouver Jonathan Wilkinson has come out in favour of the TransMountain pipeline expansion even though the City and District of North Vancouver have condemned the project, as have the cities of Burnaby and Vancouver. So much for the famous promise of the Prime Minister that “… only communities can give permission.”  (click on the URL below)


Watch House built at Ground Zero on Burnaby Mountain

Tsleil Waututh band member Will George stands guard in the Watch House on Burnaby Mountain built directly in the path of the pipeline expansion, or what can be described as “ground zero.” He explains that he hopes protests will remain peaceful, but people must take a stand against global warming.  (click on the URL below)


 Ground Zero of the Battle for Burnaby Mountain

TransMountain continues to rip up thousands of trees atop Burnaby Mtn in preparation for the expansion of its pipeline while directly across the fence on the other side the Tsleil Waututh have erected a Watch Cabin. If there is a "ground zero" in the battle against global warming this is it.


Costs and benefits of TransMountain need to quantified

As the saying goes “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” In 2017 over 1,300 fires smoked approximately 65,000 British Columbians out of their homes

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The sustainable way forward for our energy sector

As the Prime Minister continues to push for further extraction and export of Tar Sands bitumen for the benefit of Texan oil companies and Chinese communists, it’s time to look at a purely Canadian energy sector that has been ignored, a pan-American electricity grid. Read this brilliant article in the Globe and Mail:


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